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Versie:Drive Backup 9.0 Express v9.0 Express   Release date:  
Operating Systems:  Windows Vista   Windows XP   *Windows 2000  
Talen: English
Licentie: Free for non-profit use 
Omschrijving:Backing up your data is like an insurance, you never have to worry if disaster strikes. Now there’s no more excuse for lost data – this insurance costs you nothing! If your system and data are safe now, keep them that way with Drive Backup 9.0 Express. This simple easy to use software doesn't ask you bewildering questions – it just backs up your data when and where you tell it, and recovers whenever disaster happens. 
Uitgever:Paragon Software Group 
Categories:  Storage: CDRW/DVDRW & Boot-Cd tools
 Storage: Compression, Image & ISO Tools
 Storage: Delete, Copy, Back-up & Synchronize Tools 
Extra kenmerken: Full local install
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