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Versie:Unlocker v1.8.8   Release date: 26-10-2009 
Operating Systems:  Windows Vista   Windows XP   Windows 2000   Windows Server 2003  
Talen: English, Nederlands, Franšais
Licentie: Freeware 
Omschrijving:This program can delete locked (and hard-to-unlock) files from your system.
Ever had any of these annoying messages from Windows:
Cannot delete file, Access is denied, sharing violation, file may be in use, make sure the disk is not full or write-protected...?
Unlocker is the solution!
Simply right click the folder or file and select Unlocker
Uitgever:Cedrick Collomb 
Categories:  Storage: Delete, Copy, Back-up & Synchronize Tools
 Storage: Diags, Optimize & Recovery
 Storage: Rename, Inventory, Attributes
 WinTools: General
 WinTools: Console based tools
 WinTools: Processes, Services, filelocks
 WinTools: Uninstallers, Software removal 
Extra kenmerken: Full local install, Adds context menu/features
Nog niet zelf getest, maar belooft veel. 
Invoerdatum:    Laatste wijziging op 28-10-2009 03:46:14

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