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Versie:AMBackup v3.5   Release date:  
Operating Systems:  Windows Vista   Windows XP   Windows 2000   Windows Server 2003   Windows 2000 Server  
Talen: English
Licentie: Freeware 
Omschrijving:AMBackup is simple backup wizard/utility designed with the home user in mind. It makes guarding your data as simple as answering a few questions and clicking a couple of buttons.

File search by type
Zip and Zip64 support
FTP backup support
Basic CD/DVD burning support
Always being improved
Save/load backup settings
What kind of computer do I need to run AMBackup?
Any recent computer will do, but specifically:
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
A CD/DVD Burner (optional)
Uitgever:Amro Mousa 
Categories:  Storage: Delete, Copy, Back-up & Synchronize Tools 
Extra kenmerken: Full local install, DOTNET required
Nog niet getest, maar wel geheel gratis. 
Invoerdatum:    Laatste wijziging op 11-4-2009 05:32:47

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